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The full set of pictures to May 2014 are here http://www.lwarchive.londonwolves.com/html/member_pix.html


Click for the Roy Eagles Caption Competition caption  Paul wins


  1.   VIP John Golding click here
  2.   Early WWLSC event in the 80s lexpo
  3.   Phil & Evelyn Burns click here
  4.   Daventry’s 30thclick here
  5.   David & Angela Eagles’ wedding/ Roy & Ruth’s wedding click here
  6.   Roy and Ruth Eagles’ wedding/ David & Angela’s wedding click here
  7.   Ian Baker  teaching in Peru click here
  8.  James Perkins - mascot at Man Utd Home match here
  9.  Steve & Helen Wilcox, Bickley Manor Chislehurst here
  10.  Rachel & Olly Dawson here
  11.  London Wolves soccer stars here
  12.  The WWSLC page has the 67 Wolverhampton Chronicle picture of the original London Wolves link
  13.  Some thoughts on the 40th from Tony Roche, journalist and WWLSC member link
  14.  Bones (Alan Taylor) orange (old gold) picking in Greece link
  15.  Ray’s photos link
  16.  October 19th 2013 and Peter Abbott misses his first home game for 37 years link
  17.  Champion mascot for the Champions - Tommy Turner link
  18. 18 Peter and Carol go travelling 2015
  19. Welcome Donnie Baugh
  20. 20 Steve Carvell’s 50th celebrations at Molineux
  21. Pictures from previous Home Page features:
  22. Wolves in Wolves

 The full set of pictures to May 2014 are here http://www.lwarchive.londonwolves.com/html/member_pix.html


Wolves in Wolves - Statues around Wolverhampton http://wolvesinwolves.co.uk/ Pictures by Robert Goddard before the Barnsley match 23/9/17

London Wolves soccer stars




The London Wolves Football team of 1977 (youtube link from Louis Rómulo )


Back row L:R Rob Coleman,Tim Maher, John Engleman, Ray Stock, Colin Cutts, Peter Coath, Terry Peachey, Martin Rutherford, John Saville, Reg Bartley, Ray Harris, Mark Feehan  Front row L:R Steve Roe, Tony Roche, Ivan Gillespie, Gerry Hirth, Bob Tyler, Mel Marston

Photo: Mike Woodward of the Daily Mirror.




James Perkins was the mascot at the Man Utd home match in March 2010 (here) and met up with his favourite player Andy Keogh

James Perkins_IMG_3330s  

James Perkins_W1429_234s


London Wolves member John Golding, fresh from his success at winning the Wycombe half time lottery, had his name drawn from the season ticket holders to win a VIP day at Molineux for the Norwich game which Wolves won 2-0. Roy Eagles (left) was his guest and John also bought tickets for his mum and dad.

Here are three photos from an early 80’s London Wolves do at the Lexpo (from Peter Abbott)

After the Preston match (Sat 22nd October) Daventry Wolves held their 30th Anniversary event in the Sir Jack Hayward Suite. As usual, there were plenty of Wolves past stars to be seen - including - here with Roy and Ruth - Kenny Hibbitt. Other London Wolves pictures follow thanks to Roy.


Paul was the winner with “Blimey the last time I blew into one of these I spent the night in the cells”

Other caption suggestions are on the archive site together with more pictures from the dinner

Roy and Ruth’s and David and Angela’s Weddings

27th February 2008 - Jamaica - Many congratulations to Roy and Ruth and

Congratulations and all our best wishes from London Wolves and to proud granddad Roy. 22nd July 2006



Steve & Helen Wilcox, Bickley Manor Chislehurst

Steve & Helen were married 11th June 2010.  Peter, Carol, Paul, Nick Roy and Ruth represented London Wolves.  More pictures are on Roy’s facebook site

SteveHelenwedding11062010003 (2)

Phil and Evelyn Burns - Saturday 8th October 2005

  The ceremony was held at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Balheary, Co Dublin in Ireland and the reception was at the Irish Golf and Country Club of Roganstown north of Dublin.  Congratulations to Phil and Evelyn.   London Wolves member Phil was ably supported by former member Ian Baker as an Usher and WWLSC were also represented by Roy Eagles and Ruth Evans, and “Pint Sized” Paul Coles.  Paul and Roy are propping Phil (aka “Phil the beer Burns” up in the lower picture.  Thanks to Roy for the pix and Paul for the details and many congratulations from London Wolves to Evelyn and Phil.

Rachel & Olly Dawson

Ian Baker’s letter from Peru.

Ian is teaching English on a voluntary project in Peru.   When he went he took two Wolves footballs which WWFC donated  with him to try to improve the quality of football in the country and convert them to the Gold and Black.  If you want to see more of where Ian is visit his travel blog at http://travelpod.com/z?u=ianbaker1967&t=mancora06Ian recently wrote to Barbara at Wolves Reception to let her know how things were going.....and Barbara arranged for a piece on Ian with these photos to be in the match day

 magazine against Coventry  

Dear Barbara,

It does seem some time since I collected the two footballs the club donated for the school here. But at last I arrived and after some pushing, managed to get the footballs back out from the headmaster’s locker, blown up for the photo and ready for the kids to play!! I think they were valued like gold dust here, it’s so rare to have such good footballs, but it was a joy to watch the kids running around the playground like flys on acid. Thankyou so much .

The photos are of just the one class, but there are eight in total, that I teach in the morning. and the best bit, when they pronounce the word babies, it comes out like a black country babbies. Oh sweet bliss to hear them say it like that!!!

And all looks good (at Wolves) from what I read. A real sense of excitement that the youth are getting bloodied and doing their bit with hunger!!!!

Once again, a huge big thankyou for the footballs and I can't explain just what it means to have something like that here.

Oh yes, i'm going to send yopu an email with my blog site that will have more pics and info about Mancora.

Big Thanks


“Welcome to Mancora!”   “Up the Wolves!”

The WWSLC page has the 67 Wolverhampton Chronicle picture of the orignal London Wolves link


Here is Bones, orange picking in Greece in 1984 but the Wolves scarf is with him


Shortly after the photo on was taken, the tree broke and the party were sent to the ground.   The farmer wasn’t over happy about his broken tree, but carried on providing good lunches.  Not sure where the wine bottles were hidden but they were surely there somewhere (picture to be added).

Ray Stock provides these of various events

starting with the Doog, then at the Caernarvon Hotel event, Ray, family, King John, Willie Carr, Paul Cook, and Mike Stowell. And the man himself with the autograph making fun of his beard

(More on the archive site)

Graham Turner receiving a WWLSC award

From the 60’s here are some of Rob’s pictures:Jag and a Healey in the players’ car park

Some thoughts from Tony Roche, lifelong Wolves fan, WWLSC member, and Sun reporter who couldn’t make the 40th dinner

FAO Stuart Earl and Dave Slape... many thanks for wonderful publications. So many faces, so many memories.

I was not a member when you made the first trip v Plymouth. My 'debut' with WWLSC on the coach was with Steve Broughton (now a pro musician in France), Colin Cutts and Steve Roe for the home game against Hull City (4-0, Dougan hat-trick).

Still feel huge slump when I recall that awful 1-4 flop away to Palace that handed Coventry the title, still remember how excited I felt earlier that season when Steve and I made our way to The Valley to witness a solid 3-1 win and starting to think it could be a really good season.

So, 40 years down the line, the club excels at The Valley again. What a fabulous night it sounds like and how I wish I hadn't been in South Africa, listening to a week of rugby World Cup politics and arguments.

Would love to have seen Ernie Hunt and Hugh McIlmoyle again, paid my respects to Dave Wagstaffe and Frank Munro, shared an ale with John Richards and Ken Hibbitt, two lads I got to know so well in newspaper work terms during their heydays.

The club has been such a success that you two in particular should receive some form of medal. Reading the two publications Dave sent me made me so proud that I'll keep them somewhere special, along with the progs I've saved from my first Wolves games attended in 1961 (all four were away games and with a reluctant dad who supported Arsenal).

Glad bloody Hoddle has gone, never took to the man. Things are going to be tough for a while, but at least I sense a mood of optimism after the tedious draw-fest from God's favourite son. When Hoddle dies he'll probably come back as a pools coupon as punishment for crimes in his managerial life.

Take care both of you. This club would wither and die without you. I'm very proud to have been a member, very proud indeed. TR

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19th October 2013 Peter Abbott missed his first home match for 37 years.

First reported on the Wolves Heroes site the story made the BBC Midlands Tonight evening news, the BBC website, the Birmingham Mail, the Sun newspaper, The London Metro Wolves Heroes link here story goes national click on Sun BBC or Birm Mail

Wolves arranged a surprise visitor to Peter’s step daughter’s wedding - here’s how the BBC reported it


Wolves 'legend' Steve Bull surprises fan at wedding

Peter Abbott

Steve Bull was a surprise guest at Peter Abbott's stepdaughter's wedding

A football fan who missed his first home game since 1976 for a family wedding had "a big surprise" when his club's record goal scorer turned up.

Wolves fan Peter Abbott, from Ipswich, said he was astonished when the club arranged for "legend" Steve Bull to be at his stepdaughter's wedding.

On Saturday Mr Abbott skipped his regular 330 mile (530km) round trip to Wolverhampton to go to the wedding. He said his stepdaughter and her husband were in on the surprise. Mr Abbott said: "They were doing photos and I was called over and all of a sudden one of the chaps with his back to me turned around and it was Bully. The club arranged for him to be there as a big surprise - he's a legend. We talked about the old days and where the club is now - a fan's conversation really."

Bull, who scored 306 goals during his Wolves' career which began in 1986, also delivered a signed shirt and the programme from Saturday's match. 'Pretty frustrating'

Steve Bull is Wolves' top goal scorer, scoring 102 goals in his first two seasons alone

Mr Abbott, who grew up in east London, first fell for the Wolves in 1970 and the last home match he misLW 1gameaheadof abbswolfsed was against Tottenham on 16 March 1976. He said: "I've never lived nearer than a 300-mile (483km) round trip and Bully said to me 'Wow, how do you do this journey every week?'." His stepdaughter Sarah Butler married Jonathan Liddle at Haughley, near Stowmarket, at 14:00 BST on Saturday.

From 15:00 BST, Mr Abbott tried to follow Wolves' local derby against Coventry, which ended 1-1, as best he could. Mr Abbott said: "I had a multitude of texts, but the [phone] reception was poor so that was pretty frustrating. At the end of the match I had a few minutes on my own and thought, 'Oh, I've missed a match'." But he added that the couple had a "fantastic time" and as far as he was concerned it was the wedding of the year. Wolverhampton's next home match is against Oldham on Tuesday. Mr Abbott said he would be there.

The Daily Mirror said the same http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/wolves-fan-stunned-steve-bull-2474538

Peter 30 years ago with Budgie and Stan Armett  - and the London Metro article

Peter Abbott London Metro

LW presentation to John Burridge - early-eighties at Sheffield United s

Tommy Turner - Champion Mascot

Wolves won their 10th champions trophy with a

DSC07940 Os congrats

3-1 win against Leyton Orient in League Division 1 on Easter Monday 21st April 2014 at Brisbane Rd, although they had to wait two hours for former wolf Stephen Gleeson to convert a penalty won by sometime Wolves target Izale McLeod whi also scored the equaliser for MK Dons to hold Brentford, Orient congratulated the Wolves. Tommy had been selected by Wolves’ shirt sponsors What House - thanks to Rupert Bates. The Orient looked after Tommy very well, and his granddad Fireman John2 and Kenny Jackett very kindly allowed them into the dressing room. Captain Sam Ricketts made sure everyone signed Tommy’s away shirt and then led him to applaud the fans, and then had a short kickabout with the match ball. The youngest Orient mascot apparently possesses a Wolves fan for a father too.

Here are some of John’s pictures of the day

Tommy 003 Danny Batth StearsTommy 043 with Kenny

The Travel Secretary goes travelling - trains (well nearly - see 5) and boats and planes

Pictures from Carol

Outs 19/5/17- London Wolves 2014-15 player of season The Stears plus Mike Williamson and James Henry. Extended (but may be sold) Jacko Price & George Saville,Duckens Nazon. Ongoing discussion re Andy Weimann. Jed Wallace prob to Millwall

Paul Lambert left Wolves 30May2017

Congratulations to Paul Lambert March Manager of the month after draw+ 5 win run

Is Paul Lambert the man to lead Wolves back to the Premier League?

England U21 with Dominic Iorfa and Kortney Hause win the 2016  U20 Toulon tournament

OldGoldGlory.co.uk issue 3 of Graham’s fanzine is out for Millers match

Out of Darkness includes Grahams Hawkins & Turner, Bully Mutchy and regulars Mel Eves Martin Patching and Geoff Palmer

U21 go down to Derby but Mark and John catch up with Paul Simpson now coach at Derby County

Lee Evans picked along with Sam Ricketts in Wales squad but injured

Alfie - Pam Tetlow’s grandson was the mascot at Craven Cottage (pic from Rob Goddard) for the 1-0 away win (Sako)

Wolves Allstars Fixtures

Sunday 27th September 2.00pm 2015 Kick-Off at Stourbridge FC, High St, Amblecote, Stourbridge DY8 4HN against  Russells Hall Hospital Emergency Services - and are playing to support the Children's and Adult Emergency Department at Russells Hall Hospital.  This is a DGNHS Charity Football Match and Family Fun Day. The aim is to offer patients the best experience possible during a really traumatic time.  The match Flyer is here :-  http://t.co/DV2kOlNwGQ

WWLSC events - see right hand column

League 1 Champions 2013-14 and promotion

celebration at Gresty Road - pitch invasion


Dominic Iorfa and Kortney Hause in England U21 Toulon trophy 2016 winning side pic @comptonstars

“Super” Donnie Baugh

Congratulations to Matt and Elaine on the arrival of Tommy’s brother Donnie.   One of Donnie’s ancestors - great great great uncle Dickie Baugh Snr played in Wolves first league match in 1888 versus Villa - see the ticket, whch we think makes Tommy and Donnie 5th generation Wolves.

Pictures from previous Home Page features:

Welcome Donnie Baugh

Congratulations to Matt Elaine and Tommy Baugh

More pictures here

Dean’s Big Punch Up

Dean  took part in a charity White Collar Boxing Event in 3 x 2 minute bout raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care in memory of his mother.  Please go to  www.justgiving.com/dean-perkins3  Dean is shown here with son James presenting Wayne with his player of the season trophy


Now available from Roy - the WWLSC 1966 keyring torch - light your way home from late night matches - only £2.50 - buy one when you order your burger.

2015 AGM Friday 31st July Minutes are here


The Walk 2015Walks

Click for more details/map on the Haunting Walk Sat 27June - Geoff said I can guarantee a good walk, a few decent ales and a visit to some of London's most haunted pubs where you are more likely to meet up with the ghost of a doctor’s wife murdered by her husband and bricked up in the basement of the "William lV", the phantom waitress at "The Holly Bush Inn", or the ghost of Dick Turpin at "The Spaniards Inn"!”  Pictures are here

April May 2015 Social events - pictures from Carol

  1. Dinner at Bravaccios - last day of the season 2nd May 2015 here
  2. Wolves Former Players’ Association Dinner Molineux April 2015 here

New book - the away trips you (yes, even Peter Abbott) might not have made.

Dave Instone’s latest coffee table tome is published this month (9/15)

Details here

New novel - The Armageddon Pact by Bobby Smith

Details here

Mike Bailey’s story The Valley Wanderer details

Our condolences to the family of Wolves right back Joe Wilson, who has died at the age of 78 in Australia.   Joe was one of the team in London Wolves first official match v Plymouth in 1966.

Joe’s obituary, an interview, and this picture is on the excellent Wolves Heroes site here

Our condolences go to June and all of Jim Pym’s family.  Jim passed away on 31st May 2015.

Our sympathies and prayers too are with Jason Guy whose wife Lucy passed away 15th June.  Jason and Lucy have engaged in inspirational fundraising for Breakthrough Breast Cancer since her diagnosis. Together they have raised nearly £50,000 and as part of that were our special guests last Christmas

Wolves Former Players’ Association Dinner Thurs 16th April Molineux

Video not available

Happy Birthday to Peter & Paul who celebrated at Banks’s thanks to Simon Yates, Asst Head Brewer, before the 3-0 defeat of Fulham pix


Sir Jack Hayward dies aged 91.

Funeral  Tue Feb 3rd  St Peter’s Collegiate Church video

E&S pictures WM Franksy Mid2day

Our thoughts and prayers are with his long term companion Patti  Bloom, Lady  Jean and Rick, Jonathan and Susan .  In the Premier League year of 2004 SJH congratulated Robin on his marriage to Lin at the Molineux the day before  the 2-1 win over Everton

Sir Jack tributes Wolves Express&Star

Telegraph Independent 1993   D.Mail

Our best wishes go to Bob Richards for a speedy and full recovery in Orpington Croydon Hospital - here with Trevor Lynne and Dave at the 2012 Xmas lunch

WWLSC July 2014 Newsletter is now here

WWLSC Next events: Marston’s Brewery Contact Roy to book for social events. Email

Roy’s famous annual Xmas lunch


Click here for PRIZEWINNER pictures AND CLICK HERE for more pix

Out December 6th and a raffle prize - a fan’s tribute to the Sherpa Van Trophy win details here

Old Gold Glory - a new fanzine details here Issue 2 - Champions is out now (22/11)

New book: competition here WINNER BOB RICHARDS -  a copy of  “Dirty Northern B*st*rds and Other Tales from the Terraces” book details and ordering

New Book:  Wolves fan seeking memories of the Sherpa Van Final contact Tim Gibbons at sherpawolves@outlook.com

Head of the River crawl (pre Oxford) here

London Wolves Walk Saturday July 5th - what the Dickens did Geoff get up to? Pictures are here

Roy and WWLSC fundraising with the famous London Wolves pens - 1 guest pair paid for

Thursday 21st August John Hartson charity dinner at the Mount Hotel -

Frank’s for the Memory by Waggy - order now details here

Recent events        

Latest event:  Pre-Carlisle lunch at the BlueBrick at 12 noon. then .. End of season dinner in Sir Jack’s at Molineux after Carlisle match + Northern Blues & Motown music at Bradmore Social club.    ... plus -Monday 5th for Jody Craddock’s testimonial at Molineux

Madame Treasurer & Val in the Bluebrick


Retired water man steals the trophy as Wolves seal record breaking season with 103 points and 3-0 v Cumbrians - more @abbswolf here


WWLSC 50th Anniversary Dinner 2016

Roy has already raised enough to support the first players’ table thanks to everyone who now possesses the gold London Wolves pen - so you have all contributed to this first table.  Thanks and here’s secretary Dave taking the £££


WWLSC  support WW Women FC travel

MKDons HT: Mark F & Peter W presented our cheque to Wolves Women captain Anna Perks and star player Leanne Rimmer ably assisted by Wolves midfielder Lee Evans

In memory of member Stuart Hatwell who died on February 3rd.  He is pictured here with his brother Keith and Wolves midfielder Seyi George Olofinjana at the Meet the Players in 2005 before the 2-1 win over Reading (Leon scored!).  Stuart and Keith have been WWFC fans since the 1950s

It’s Dave’s 50th anniversary of travelling up to Molineux -the lads on the train presented him with a cake

pic Mark F


A message from the Chairman:Members are reminded that while they are travelling, at the match, on the way, especially on the train, or even in the pub home or away they are seen to be representing both Wolves and London Wolves at all times, and are expected to behave appropriately. Complaints have been made about bad language on the train in front of other passengers. London Wolves support the Club’s campaign to cut out bad language in the family areas and expect that to be respected and will take action under rule 5 if it is not.

Members should also conform to the Dry Train rules - see the travel page for details.


Rachel & Olly  more here

Pictures from 2015-2017 Home pages

London Wolves sponsor Wolves Women away travel

Congratulations to the Ladies U11s, U13s the U15s & the U18s, champions & cup winners - presentation evening Molineux 22nd May 2015

Wolves Women Winners

Under 11's Awards: Supporters Brogan, Players Player Hetty and Player of the Season goes to Libby

Under 13's Supporters Player of the Season goes to Katie. Players  player is Jess and Maddy is the Player of the Year.

Under 15's Award Winners: Supporters Player Grace, Players Player Tammi and Player of the Season Phoebe.

Under 18's Awards: Supporters Anna, Players Player Esme and Player of the Season goes to Sophie

Seniors Awards: Reserves Player of the Year Hattie James, 1st Team Player of the year Jen Anslow, Players Player goes to Dom Luke.

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